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ISO-certified data centers located in Europe

Comprehensive support, including a personal hotline

Fast and straightforward implementation

Custom configuration for your company

Strong foundation.
Unlimited possibilities.

The right IT infrastructure is the backbone of every successful business. Replace your hardware now with cloud servers from METRO CLOUD. Our Managed IaaS provides a solid and reliable foundation, enabling businesses to focus on their core activities. This online-delivered and managed infrastructure offers individually tailored resources and allows for centralized scaling as needed, leading to significant cost savings compared to traditional management of physical server infrastructures. 

Simple and fast implementation.

METRO CLOUD enables direct connectivity via MPLS or Dark Fiber for operating server environments and VDI applications. By leveraging cloud servers based on VMware products, METRO CLOUD offers both ease of use and personalized support through dedicated account managers.

The provision of physical hardware is just the beginning. At METRO CLOUD, you receive a fully managed, highly available and scalable infrastructure solution hosted in our secure data centers. Benefit from the combination of state-of-the-art technology and the strictest data protection standards.

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Are you seeking a reliable infrastructure that minimizes your administrative overhead?

Our Managed IaaS provides a solid and reliable foundation, enabling businesses to focus on their core activities. This infrastructure offers individually tailored resources and allows for centralized scaling as needed, leading to significant cost savings compared to traditional management of physical server infrastructures. 

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Infrastructure as a ServiceIaaS

Our IaaS Managed Cloud and Cloud Migration Services are tailored to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to pay only for the resources you need — a path to cost savings and sustainable growth. Simplify your IT by transitioning to cloud servers and streamline management with our expertise. The transition to the cloud is secure and efficient, strengthens your IT infrastructure and prepares your business for future challenges.

IaaS Managed Cloud.
Trust and performance.

Our IaaS Managed Cloud solutions offer you a reliable, scalable, and fully managed IT infrastructure. We take care of everything, from maintenance to optimization, so that you can focus on your core business. Our experts ensure maximum performance and security of your cloud environment. 

IaaS Cloud Migration.
Seamless transition to the cloud.

The transition to the cloud can be complex. Our IaaS Cloud Migration services make this process simple and secure. We provide tailored solutions for migrating your data and applications to the cloud, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. 

Your infrastructure, our expert network.

Our Colocation service provides you with a direct solution for housing your servers and hardware in our secure and modern data centers. This reduces your operating costs while simultaneously enhancing the security and availability of your critical systems. Our flexible Colocation offerings give you access to high-quality infrastructure without the need to allocate resources for infrastructure management on your own.

Infrastructure as a ServiceInfrastructure assessment and IT health check

The Infrastructure Assessment and 360° IT Health Check (ISA-HC) are crucial components of our IaaS Managed Cloud solutions. This comprehensive examination of your IT processes and the structural health of your IT organization aims to establish a solid foundation for your entire IT infrastructure. Through a thorough analysis, we identify potential weaknesses, assess the efficiency of your current IT systems, and recommend tailored solutions for optimization.

Weakness management in the cloud.
Identification and effective resolution.

Our experts analyze your IT infrastructure to identify security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks and inefficient processes. This allows us to propose targeted measures to address these issues, enhancing the security and performance of your IT environment.

Future-proof cloud transformation.
Seamless transition.

The ISA-HC provides insights into the scalability and flexibility of your IT systems. We ensure that your IT infrastructure not only meets current requirements but is also ready to support the growth and evolution of your business in the future. 

IT process innovation.
Maximizing productivity.

We assess your current IT procedures and policies to identify areas for improvement. Our goal is to optimize and standardize your IT processes to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Strategy and roadmap.
The path to the cloud.

Based on our findings, we create a detailed report with specific recommendations for improving your IT infrastructure. Additionally, we develop a customized roadmap for the phased implementation of these improvements to ensure a smooth transition and minimal operational disruptions.

Infrastructure as a ServiceFinancial Cloud

Our specialized Financial Cloud provides an optimal platform for the development and operation of customized financial software. It promotes the automation of rule-based processes in areas such as CRM, contract, and risk management. Thanks to its rule-based approach, adjustments to new requirements can be implemented quickly, while a central rule repository and a dashboard with an intuitive interface ensure transparency and traceability.

Financial Cloud.
Tailored for the financial sector.

The Financial Cloud has been specifically developed to meet the specific requirements of financial service providers. Our expertise in this field enables us to assist banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions in modernizing their IT infrastructure. We place great emphasis on not only meeting but exceeding compliance requirements to provide a secure environment for innovative digital services.

Our presence in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg underscores our commitment to security and data protection.

These locations ensure that our customers' data is managed in strict compliance with local and European data protection laws. This geographic diversification not only provides a high level of data security but also enhances the resilience of our services.

With METRO CLOUD's Financial Cloud, financial service providers benefit from a combination of industry-specific expertise, geographic security and a strong technological foundation, thus enabling them to efficiently and securely navigate their business processes into the digital future.

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