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Integrated solution with a focus on development

Unlimited growth through seamless scalability

Efficient workflows through integrated development tools

Security and compliance without compromises

Develop with freedom.
Grow without limits.

METRO CLOUD’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides businesses with the necessary support to achieve their goals without technical constraints due to digitization and innovation. This transforms your visions into tangible successes by managing the complexity of technology for you.

The principle behind METRO CLOUD’s PaaS.

An efficient and smooth development process requires a robust, flexible and security-oriented platform. PaaS from METRO CLOUD provides exactly that – a platform where you can develop, test and deploy applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Everything is hosted in our secure data centers, ensuring that your development processes benefit from the highest data protection standards.

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Are you looking for a platform with many possibilities?

With our PaaS solution, you can develop and host traditional and modern container-based applications. Thanks to broad support for various languages and frameworks, we guarantee you high flexibility. Additionally, we provide you with comprehensive technical support and regular updates to ensure that your working environment is always up to date.

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Desktop as a ServiceYour virtual workspace in 15 minutes

Our Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows for quick and flexible deployment of virtual workspaces from the cloud. Customize your selection and in 15 minutes, your desired applications are ready for use. Teams can work from any location immediately Thanks to an efficient setup, without worrying about complex on-premises IT infrastructures. Meanwhile, our cloud-based platform reduces IT costs, simplifies management and ensures security and enterprise-level performance.

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Platform as a ServiceDevOps platform

Accelerating software development and optimizing development processes is crucial for business success. Our PaaS provides innovative solutions that enable exactly this.

DevOps integration.
Flexibility and scalability.

Accelerate your software development with our PaaS-based DevOps platform, which provides a complete DevOps toolchain. This integrated solution includes advanced repositories and supports Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes. Our PaaS facilitates the management and automation of your development cycle, allowing you to move faster from conception to deployment. With our platform, you optimize the scalability and flexibility of your applications, enabling you to respond to market demands effectively.

Security and collaboration.

Our PaaS solutions transform the way you develop and deploy software. By integrating powerful repositories into our PaaS environment, we enable seamless versioning and collaboration of your codebase. This strategic use of repositories simplifies the development process, enhances team collaboration and promotes continuous improvement. Benefit from the efficiency and security of our PaaS, which supports your development projects and provides a solid foundation for your digital transformation.

Platform as a ServiceManaged Kubernetes (as a service)

Robust management of application infrastructures is crucial for the agility and competitiveness of businesses. Our managed Kubernetes service provides a powerful solution to meet these requirements precisely .

Kubernetes management.
Efficiency and automation.

Maximize the effectiveness of your application management with our managed Kubernetes service. This service simplifies the orchestration of your containerized applications by providing an automated deployment, scaling and operational management environment. By leveraging Kubernetes as a service, we remove the complexity of container orchestration, allowing you to focus on developing and enhancing your applications. Benefit from our expertise and infrastructure to efficiently scale your applications, increase their availability and respond faster to market demands.

Container Security.
Security comes first.

Enhance the security of your container applications with our container security service. Our service specifically addresses the security needs of container environments by leveraging advanced technologies and best practices. We protect your applications from threats, ensure compliance and minimize risks through automated vulnerability detection, policy enforcement and real-time monitoring. Trust in our expertise to keep your applications secure and compliant while you focus on innovation.

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