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Innovation without barriers

Automation and scalability

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Auditable data processing

Innovate with ease.
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Our SaaS solutions enable companies to realize their ambitions free from technical barriers, supported by our expertise in digitalization and innovation. We transform your ideas into measurable success by mastering the technological complexity for you.

The foundation of our SaaS solutions.

Seamless and efficient service delivery requires a robust, adaptable and security-conscious platform. Our SaaS solutions provide exactly that – a framework within which your services can be developed, managed and scaled without the need to worry about infrastructure. Hosted in our secure data centers, your services benefit from the highest standards of data protection and security.

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Do you need a SaaS solution that grows with your requirements?

One advantage of our SaaS solution is its easy integration and compatibility with your existing systems. Thanks to a variety of APIs and interfaces, you can seamlessly integrate METRO CLOUD's SaaS offerings into your business processes.

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Software as a ServiceManaged SaaS

With our support, you can transform your software solutions into high-performance, scalable and secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. Our team of experienced specialists will guide you through the entire SaaS enabling process, from the initial idea to market-ready implementation. We focus not only on technical aspects such as multi-tenancy architectures, cloud-native development, and automated deployment processes but also on business model adjustments to position your software in the SaaS market successfully.

Cloud readiness and scalability.
Technical realignment.

The transformation of your software architecture for the cloud is at the core of our services, aiming to achieve significant improvements in flexibility, scalability and maintainability. With a clear and goal-oriented approach, we implement proven methods for cloud-native designs, auto-scaling and efficient resource management. This strategic realignment enables your software to effectively meet the dynamic market demands while establishing a robust and future-proof foundation for your business. We prioritize ensuring that our solutions are not only technically advanced but also practical and directly implementable, ensuring a smooth transition and long-term success in the cloud.

Rethinking business strategy.
Adaption for the SaaS market.

We offer precise consultation to adapt your business model to the SaaS environment successfully. This includes developing thoughtful pricing strategies, licensing models and a concept for customer support specifically aimed at enhancing your competitive advantages and...

when it comes to fostering your company's sustainable growth, we understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the SaaS environment and work closely with you to find solutions that not only meet your current needs but also ensure long-term perspective and success. Our goal is to position your company to compete and evolve successfully in a dynamic market environment. 

Managed SaaS.
Optimization and customization.

With METRO CLOUD, you optimize the deployment, monitoring and management of your Software-as-a-Service applications through advanced automation strategies and end-to-end operational support. We specifically address technical challenges in areas such as auto-scaling, performance tuning and security hardening to provide you with seamless management. Through integration, we ensure continuous optimization of your application landscape.

Software as a ServiceSaas Products

METRO CLOUD offers a diverse portfolio of SaaS products designed to optimize the development and operation of customized software applications across various business sectors. Our solutions not only include Finance Cloud products but also extend to agile development, smart fees management, complex data processing and customer communication management. This broad range enables companies to make their processes more efficient through automation, from CRM and contract and risk management to digitalized accounting.

arregulo, the agile solution.
Tailored applications.

With arregulo, METRO CLOUD offers an efficient Finance Cloud for the development and operation of tailored software applications. This cloud supports the automation of rule-based processes such as CRM, contract and risk management.

The rule-based approach allows processes to be quickly created and adapted to new requirements, controlled via triggers and thereby linked to various steps. All rules are managed in a central, user-friendly rule archive, ensuring that they are always transparent and accessible to all authorized users. A practical dashboard with an intuitive user interface ensures transparent process monitoring, with graphical process visualization down to the module level.

calculo – Your Smart Fee Management.
Automated fee processing and transparency.

calculo offers an innovative solution for automating fee processing as a comprehensive platform. It allows for the easy management, calculation, control and processing of all types of fees, both inbound and outbound. Through its central platform, calculo ensures transparency and traceability of all transactions to customers and partners, enhancing trust and satisfaction.

Using calculo relieves your employees by increasing efficiency and reducing errors and costs. The platform also fully supports compliance with audit, compliance and risk management requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements. With calculo, you not only effortlessly meet existing requirements but also prepare for future challenges in fee management.

integrio as a Financial Cloud.
Complex processes & datasets.

integrio supports the complete digitization of business processes and their representation without media breaks as a Finance Cloud. The powerful and auditable cloud enables both the import and integration of master data, conditions and movement data and regularly performs automatic data imports.

This makes combining manual tasks and automated sub-processes, for example, easy. integrio can be used across departments and companies, offering a compact solution for a variety of requirements, such as onboarding new employees or digital exchanges with business partners.

CCM– Customer Communication Management.
Power in communication, structure in processes.

With the cloud-based customer communication management system, companies in the energy sector bring a new structure to their processes and automate their customer communication. While an already integrated CRM solution automatically provides the input, customer communication management generates the appropriate output based on the implemented workflows. Our solution supports PDFs, emails and other file formats and has a pre-configured interface for printing and mailing.

Efficiency through digital invoicing.

E-Invoicing greatly facilitates and optimizes accounting processes. Incoming invoices are automatically and instantly verified and made available in the accounting software without the need for any intervention by a clerk. This significantly speeds up processes and simultaneously reduces common sources of errors that can occur with manual data entry. Additionally, digital workflows for acknowledgement and approval ensure compliance with organizational procedures and further accelerate them.

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