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Als Teil der CONVOTIS Group, einem führenden Anbieter von Business Solutions, Managed IT Services und digitalen Plattformlösungen, bietet METRO CLOUD eine Antwort auf diese Herausforderung.

Stronger together with managed IT services: Enhance your cloud solution with tailored IT support, including endpoint management and 24/7 support.

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360° support – from tool selection to ongoing support

Enterprise expertise – clients with up to 18,000 workstations

SME expertise – over 2,000 satisfied SME customers

More than 200 highly qualified certified experts

Common goals.
Complementary service.

Many cloud providers limit themselves to a fixed product portfolio, which often creates uncertainties for companies without their own IT departments. The challenge of ensuring operational reliability, making informed IT decisions and implementing robust security concepts often leads to the sceptical assumption: “Cloud solutions do not fit our IT strategy”.

Cloud solutions and managed IT services from a single source.

As part of the CONVOTIS Group, a leading provider of business solutions, managed IT services and digital platform solutions, METRO CLOUD offers a solution to this challenge.

Benefit from our comprehensive IT services for a seamless cloud strategy. The synergy between METRO CLOUD and CONVOTIS ensures the security of your IT investments and guarantees smooth integration of cloud and IT services.

Proven partnerships.These customers rely on managed IT solutions from CONVOTIS.

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Are you looking for managed IT services to keep your systems up to date?

With our managed IT services from CONVOTIS, we relieve you of complex IT management tasks. We take care of automation, ongoing maintenance and regular updates for you, thereby ensuring that your systems are always up to date without you having to delve into technical details.

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Managed ITSupport & Services around IT

"Making IT future-proof": While this sounds promising, it often poses challenges for companies in practice. We accompany you holistically with various managed IT services as you modernizing your IT infrastructure.

Endpoint Management.
Central control and secure devices.

With Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you can uniformly manage your clients and reduce service time and costs. Based on an initial analysis of existing applications, a standardized procedure for setting up and preconfiguring clients is developed and supported with strict security policies. Cloud technologies such as Microsoft Intune enable management even entirely remotely.

IT Operations.
Ensure operational continuity.

Through Microsoft's Digital Workplace, you can optimize workflows, manage files securely and implement web publishing professionally. The foundation is SharePoint as a collaboration-capable data repository. Here, files can be shared between teams while work processes run efficiently according to the patterns you define. CONVOTIS designs and operates the infrastructure for SharePoint On-Premises, Online or Hybrid, tailored to your requirements. 

Onsite Support.
Direct help where it is needed.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) establishes the permanent level of service that CONVOTIS promises you. This includes on-site support from CONVOTIS locations, which solves problems quickly and directly on-site. The service also includes troubleshooting for devices such as laptops, docking stations, printers and Windows or Office 365 (client support), as well as inquiries related to LAN, WLAN, switches and routers (network support). 

Enterprise service desk.
Central point of contact for professional support.

CONVOTIS support is available 24/7 for problems and inquiries.

Escalation management ensures automated and efficient problem processing based on defined triggers and automatically contacts the relevant responsible persons in the company if necessary.

Incident handling, in accordance with ITIL® V4, includes identifying and analyzing the incident, followed by reporting, containment of impacts, problem resolution and final maintenance. 

Change management service takes over communication with affected users and executes minor changes themselves.

The Catch & Dispatch System classifies requests and forwards them to the appropriate expert team for the fastest and best solution.

Managed ITMicrosoft 365 solutions & services

Microsoft 365 provides everything the digital workplace needs. CONVOTIS supports you throughout the entire digital change management process, from the initial concept through licensing to the setup, maintenance and support of the digital workplace.

Microsoft Collaborations. 
Strong together in the digital space.

Microsoft offers various solutions for efficient and location-independent collaboration in the digital workplace, from IP telephony to video meetings. CONVOTIS support includes not only the smooth implementation of these systems but also their long-term compliance with governance and compliance standards. Additionally, we offer individual training and support to ensure that your team can make optimal use of the Microsoft Collaboration tools. 

In the Microsoft Workplace.
Efficiency and innovation in the workplace.

Through Microsoft's digital workplace, you can optimize workflows, securely manage files and professionally implement web publishing. SharePoint serves as the foundation, a collaboration-capable data repository. Files can be shared between teams, while work processes run efficiently according to your defined patterns. CONVOTIS designs and operates the infrastructure for SharePoint On-Premises, Online or Hybrid, tailored to your specific needs. 

Microsoft Defender.
Comprehensive protection for your data.

Cyberattacks are among the biggest risks for companies today. However, this is not a reason to avoid the digital workplace. Rather, it is important to address cyber threats with integrated security solutions. Microsoft Defender offers reliable protection against cybercriminals for both small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations – from detection and automated defence against threats to responding to threats. 

Azure Virtual Desktop connects.
Flexibility and access everywhere.

The modern workplace stands for flexibility. For this, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) enables you and your employees to work from anywhere. Whether in the office, from home or on the go, CONVOTIS implements AVD for decentralized operating models and global business processes, thus eliminating the difference between on-site and remote work. 

Managed ITSecurity services

In a world where cyber threats are constantly growing and evolving, it is crucial for businesses to take their IT security seriously. Whether it is about protecting corporate networks in multi-cloud or hybrid environments or raising employee awareness of potential cyber threats, CONVOTIS offers tailored solutions. 

With a wide range of security solutions and services, CONVOTIS ensures that your infrastructure and networks remain secure and efficient at all times. 

CONVOTIS Security Shield.
Advanced defense for maximum security.

Cyber threats are among the biggest dangers to businesses today. Attacks are not only becoming more frequent but also more professional and unpredictable. No matter how large your company is or whether you operate in multi-cloud or hybrid environments, your corporate networks carry the company's identity and must be protected professionally and comprehensively. CONVOTIS offers you a personal security shield that with the help of various prevention measures, intelligent tools and security services detects attacks that are still unknown to date. 

Endpoint Security.
Protect endpoints and ensure security.

Devices are often the first line of attack for cyber threats. CONVOTIS offers comprehensive endpoint protection to effectively safeguard your devices, whether from PCs and servers to mobile devices. Through advanced technologies such as Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and anti-virus systems, we ensure that all devices are equipped against the latest threats. Our Managed Endpoint Security Service also includes system inventory, regular patch management and continuous monitoring to detect and prevent security incidents early. With CONVOTIS as your partner, you can rely on your devices being secure and efficient at all times. 

Security Awareness Trainings.
Knowledge is the key to security.

A hacker may pose as a colleague to gain access to personal data (phishing) or an infiltrated link (malware). About 95% of security breaches are caused by human error. To effectively protect against cyberattacks, it is important that all employees are aware of potential dangers and are capable of independently recognizing attacks early on. With regular video security training, CONVOTIS supports you in sustainably increasing your employees' awareness. The compact video training lasts a maximum of twelve minutes and can thus be ideally integrated into the daily work routine. 

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